Piracetam: What You Must Know

By now you must have heard about the wondrous effects of the extraordinary supplement, Piracetam. Piracetam is the original smart drug that coined the term nootropics and launched the smart drug revolution. Piracetam nootropics revolutionized the pharmacological industry by combining medical effectiveness with virtually no toxicity and side effects. It not only aids and reverses many medical and mental diseases, it boosts brain function in healthy individuals as well.


Piracetam has been exhaustively researched and tested since the late 1960’s and proven to have almost non-existent toxicity and a plethora of medical benefits. Both patients and healthy individuals can benefit from the extraordinary benefits of Piracetam because:

1 It improves cognitive ability.
Just like athletic boards are testing their athletes for doping, universities and other academic institutions are considering testing for nootropics because it gives students an unfair advantage over “naturally aspirated” students. That is the cognitive power that Piracetam confers upon you!

2 It is virtually toxicity, side effects and addiction free.
Something seems suspicious, a supplement can get you smarter to the point of universities considering banning it? Something this good must be bad for you right? Toxicity possibilities were thoroughly researched in numerous studies since the 1960’s and every one concluded that Piracetam’s toxicity, side effects and addictive qualities were amazingly almost non existent.

3 It has a host of medical, anti aging, and life prolonging qualities.
Piracetam is used to aid and treat alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, circulatory disorders, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, various learning disabilities, and the aftereffects of stroke. It slows down and reverses brain deterioration and has possible life prolonging benefits. All this without side effects!


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Precautionary Advice: Though Piracetam has several benefits that have been proven through research, you need to take certain precautions. You should never exceed the dosage recommended by your doctor or mentioned over the leaflet. In case you are pregnant or planning pregnancy or breast feeding your child, you need to avoid using this drug. Also, if you are underage, i.e. below 18 years, use of Piracetam is not allowed. Patients having any other health conditions or under any kind of medication need to consult their physicians before taking this drug.

Our stressful lives are taking a toll on our physical and mental well being. We see a lot of people around us go through some kind of mental stress that has a lot of negative influence on their lives. Deteriorating memory, inactive mind, depression, inability to focus are some of the side effects of these mental conditions. The good thing is there are some drugs that help combat these situations and let patients get a grip on their lives. One such product that works wonders as a Nootropic and as a cognitive enhancer is Piracetam.

Used around the world since the 70’s, Piracetam is a super food for our brain that helps take control over the brain cells and helps enhance the cognitive functions of our brain. Doctors prescribe Piracetam for people suffering from cortical myoclonus, which is a condition where the patient has no control over their nerves and experience muscle jerking or twitching. When administered with Choline, the effects of Piracetam are extra ordinary. The best aspect about this medication is the fact that it is non toxic and is not addictive. Here are some of the common benefits of using this smart drug.

  • It helps combat mental slowness, which is a common side effect of aging.
  • It improves focus and helps in keeping the mind alert at all times.
  • It improves your memory functions drastically. 
  • It helps in fighting the effects of alcohol on the brain.
  • Some doctors prescribe Piracetam to fight Alzheimer’s condition.
  • It energizes the mind and body and makes you more active and lively than before.
  • It helps fight anxiety and depression.
  • It reduces aphasia, which is a common symptom after stroke and improvises on the cognitive skills that become slow due to a stroke.
  • It is non toxic and hence doesn’t have any adverse side effects on the body, there are some mild side effects in few patients but they wane once the body gets used to the doses. In the long run the side effects are minuscule as compared to the benefits.

Inform your doctor if you have any medical condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have liver or kidney problems and if you ever had brain hemorrhage. 

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